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Plate series Sinikael-part d23


Plate series Sinikael-part.

The ceramics are handcrafted in NUUNUU RUUM, covered with a lead-free, non-toxic glaze and fired at 1250.

Diameter 23 centimeters.

Look for Sinikael-part in our studio in the heart of Tallinn.


This product is currently out of stock and unavailable.

Sinikael-part is a very complicated figure. It does not like to swim in shallow water among strangers, although it gets along wonderfully with neighbours. It prefers to stay in solid couples in a changeable world, to which, nevertheless, it adapts without problems. Loves challenges, is very hardy and unpretentious.

Two perfectly matching colours – olive green and woody brown. The perfect mix of shades and shapes. A true classic in a new way.