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Bird Vase Pasknäär



Bird Vase Pasknäär

The ceramics are handcrafted in NUUNUU RUUM, covered with a lead-free, non-toxic glaze and fired at 1250.

Dimensions: Height:  26.5 cm. Length: 19.5 cm. Width: 10.5 cm

Weight: 1.2 kg.

Look for Pasknäär in our studio in the heart of Tallinn.


Pasknäär is an extraordinary luminous wonder. It loves dense and tall forests, in which you can find many spectators. If you ever walk through the woods and suddenly notice a shiny pink and white speck moving rapidly between the tree crowns, rest assured that you are lucky enough to meet Pasknäär. And this, according to ancient legends, promises great luck.

Bright, airy, glowing from the inside. Light, like a spring breeze, walking between branches with blossoming leaves. A real pearl of any forest – shines, shimmers with colour and song, pleases everyone around.