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Decorative Vase Mermaid Merineitsi


Decorative vase Mermaid Merineitsi

The ceramics are handcrafted in NUUNUU RUUM, covered with a lead-free, non-toxic glaze and fired at 1250.

Vase Dimensions: Height: 25.5 cm. Length: 23 см. Width: 16 cm.

Tail Dimensions: Height: 33 cm. Length: 25 cm. Width: 15 cm.

Weigh:  2.3 kg + 1.7 kg = 4 kg.

Look for Merineitsi in our studio in the heart of Tallinn.



Merineitsi is a representative of such an ancient and unusual creature that it has long been considered an invention. That is why it is so delightful in its fabulousness. It seems as if a mirage slipped and flashed in the dark. Extraordinarily distinguished from the background of everything else and at the same time ghostly.

Deep tones convey the sound of the sea wave and the thrill of the water surface. Extraordinary contrast of brightness and transparency. An unsurpassed example of beauty and elegance.