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NUUNUU team!

The NUUNUU team is a friendly family!

Alexey Vorozhun is a wonderful DJ, at the beginning of the evening the music is background but a little later you realize that you are starting to dance, it’s a pity that at 23-00 the neighbors sleep and turn off the music. 👍👍👍
Artemy discreetly helped everyone, there are few of his photographs, because he put painted tiles in the stove and kept it clean. 😺😺😺
Sergey Vorozhun recently began to master the profession of a bartender, it seemed to me that all the guests were satisfied with his work. 😉😉😉
And of course, there is a fairy in our team, who painted everything yellow with a slight movement. ✨✨✨

Photo from the best photographer Diana Olesyuk 🌟🌟🌟

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